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00:00 Sean Baldacchin - Full Interview
Full interview - how he discovered his passion for the military, paramedicine, and mechanics - how he started, what his 'Day in the Life' is like, and why he loves living in the Bay of Quinte
00:00 Sean Baldacchin - Learn
Learn how he discovered he wanted to pursue the military, paramedicine, then mechanics, and what he took in school
27:09 Sean Baldacchin - Work
Find out what his 'Day in the Life' is like working in his field - and why he loves it
33:50 Sean Baldacchin - Live
Experience the Bay of Quinte through his eyes and why he thinks the region is a hidden gem

Sean Baldacchin - Full Interview

College Student

  • Region
  • Bay Of Quinte
  • Pathway
  • Interest Category
  • Mechanics, Paramedicine
  • Experience
  • 3+