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00:00 Lexi Mortimor - Full Interview
Full interview - how she discovered her passion for welding and fabrication, how she started, what her 'Day in the Life' is like, and why she loves living in the Bay of Quinte
00:00 Lexi Mortimor - Learn
Learn how she discovered she wanted to pursue welding and fabrication, and what she took in school
07:16 Lexi Mortimor - Work
Find out what her 'Day in the Life' is like working in her field - and why she loves it
12:16 Lexi Mortimor - Live
Experience the Bay of Quinte through her eyes and why she thinks the region is a hidden gem

Lexi Mortimor - Full Interview

College Student

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  • Bay of Quinte
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  • Fabrication, Welding
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  • Student