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00:00 Jon Van Huizen - Full Interview
Full interview - how he discovered his passion for new home design and building, how he started, what his 'Day in the Life' is like, and why he loves living in the Bay of Quinte
00:00 Jon Van Huizen - Learn
Learn how he discovered he wanted to pursue home design and build, and what he took in school
20:48 Jon Van Huizen - Work
Find out what his 'Day in the Life' is like working in his field - and why he loves it
30:46 Jon Van Huizen - Live
Experience the Bay of Quinte through his eyes and why he thinks the region is a hidden gem

Jon Van Huizen - Full Interview

Van Huizen Homes

  • Region
  • Bay Of Quinte
  • Pathway
  • Interest Category
  • Construction / Building
  • Experience
  • 15+


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