Must Do In The BoQ

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The Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board

9 May, 2022

Written by the Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board

Because we live and work in the Bay of Quinte region, we’ve learned a thing or two about a thing or two, like all the things to do, see, eat and explore around here. Join us on social media as we share must-do activities in the BoQ, and check out the rest of our must-dos with a visit to the BoQ website.

Fina Vista Farm in Quinte West

Saddle up for a smooth ride on one of the Paso Fino horses at Fina Vista Farm in Quinte West. This breed of horse is known for its calm demeanor, which makes riding one a great experience for those new to horses. The trails covering this 100-acre farm go through the beautiful Oak Hills just east of Highway 62. You will find a mix of winding forested pathways, open rolling fields and plenty of stunning scenery. There are times when it feels like a different time and place; the quiet as you look up in the enchanted forest of tall pines is incredible. Camilla, the owner of the farm, is a CHA- Certified Master Instructor and offers a variety of riding options, from private instruction to guided group trail rides like the one we went on.
All rides are by appointment only. Text or call 519-829-6161 if you are chomping at the bit to ride!

Zwick’s Park Pop-Ups/ Photography: Anna Fraiberg

During the summer months, the multi-acre Zwick’s Park is the place to go for adventure, food and fun, especially with the recent addition of Belleville’s Pop-Ups on the Bay. A growing village of brightly coloured shippingcontainers-turned-retail-shops where you can rent bikes, kayaks, canoes and paddle boards, eat from food trucks and lick as many ice cream cones as you like (as long as they are your own). Located steps from the bay, the pop-ups are a great excuse to get outside and have some fun. Every year there is something new—we can’t wait to see who pops up next.

Scuttlehole Caves

Claustrophobians beware! There are some pretty snug maneuvres required when exploring the scuttlehole caves in North Belleville’s Sidney Ward. Natural openings in the layers of limestone have created unique geological formations called Karst developments. Features include sinkholes, collapsed caverns and underground channels. One of our group admitted to the overwhelming sadness he would feel if he were to have lost his well-loved comrade on this trip. We are happy to report that all in our crew of cave explorers are safe and sound. Nonetheless, we recommend using cautionwhen exploring these parts. And please respect your surroundings!

Minka Tent/ Photography: Kathryn Dickson

They who chop wood are twice warmed, but those who book a cabin-like Minka tent at Presqu’ile Provincial Park are guaranteed warmth (even if just from the radiant envy of those struggling in the dark with tent poles). This is not your average park: it’s diverse in both activity and landscape— located on the shores of Lake Ontario, the park boasts long stretches of soft white sand (think Caribbean), 300 car camping sites from forest to shoreline, 16 kilometres of trails and paths through woodlands and meadows, a migration hotspot for over 300 bird species, a nature centre and the second- oldest operating lighthouse in Ontario.

Russian Banya/ Photography by: Notwaste

Although the physics of the Banya is the same as for other steam saunas of the world, these Russian sweating houses have their own unique traditions, and you can experience the full (and private) authenticity of one right here in Quinte West. As with many European experiences, shyness is not an asset: while you can wear a swimsuit, it is recommended that you go the full montyto get the full steam-cleaning benefit. The best part? After a series of heating and cooling cycles you get to whack your partner with the venik, a watersoaked bundle of leafy tree twigs. Now, that’s invigorating!