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Meg Fox

16 May, 2022

Keep up with a local who loves her hometown from the outside in. By Meg Fox, resident and owner of the Tin Roof Dairy Bar.

The best way to take in this town is on foot for starters. If you’re up for a walk or two, there are heaps of gems to be discovered! Our Brighton tour starts at Lola’s Cafe, where we nab one of their signature Americanos and a bagel (baked in-house) with lox. Powered by one delicious breakfast, I like to take a hike through Proctor Park. It’s like a magical forest right inside the town—it’s just north of the downtown strip, where there are loads of awesome shops like Lighthouse Books, Special Effects Lifestyle Boutique, Firing Time Pottery and, ahem, the Tin Roof Dairy Bar.

Lola’s Cafe/ Photography by: Courtney Klumper

Feeling a bit peckish for lunch? My go-to is Presqu’ile Cafe Indian Cuisine; the fish curry is the bomb, and the samosas are addictive. I’d say Brighton has the best Indian food in the region. If you walk south from here, down Prince Edward Street, you will get to a fork in the road. Stay on Cedar Street and you will see the Butler Creek Trail (Tobey Link) sign on the east side of the street. If you liked the whimsy of Proctor, then you’ll dig the way this trail winds along the creek. It’s one of the most scenic routes in the area if you ask me and was the first nature trail built by the municipality. The 900-metre, beautifully mulched path with its canopy of trees is like something straight out of a fairytale. Once you reach the end, BOOM, you’re on Harbour Street and in Gosport’s waterfront neighbourhood. Look for the sailboats moored at the marina!

Proctor Park/ Photography by: Jacob Côté

A growing waterfront neighbourhood with a mix of Key West and Cape Cod vibes. Gosport is a great neighbourhood to walk through. It has proximity to the shoreline and awe-inspiring views of Presqu’ile Provincial Park. The Harbourview Marina Restaurant is here and a couple of lovely new accommodations—Spinnaker Suites and The Cottage By Callisto.

Downtown Brighton/ Photography by: Justen Soule

If you’re up for a bike ride to the beach or park trails, you can rent bikes from Rayz Bike Rentals and Repairs just down the road at the entrance to the park. When you’re tuckered out, stop in at Just Like Granny’s on your way back to refuel with some of their fresh-baked bread (best enjoyed warm with a melty pat of butter) and a quiche to heat up for dinner at your home away from home.