A Place To Call Home

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The Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board

9 May, 2022

Portraits by Ash Murrell

What must it be like to move to a new country? To relocate and start over, learn a new language and navigate an entirely new system of government, not to mention an unknown society and culture? A Place to Call Home is a collection of photographs taken by local photographer Ash Murrell that offers us a gracious glimpse into the lives of new Canadians who have made the Bay of Quinte region their home. As part of this project, a short documentary, also called “A Place to Call Home,” by local filmmakers Tess Girard and Ryan J. Noth of Fifth Town Films, follows the lives of students from the Loyola School of Adult and Continuing Education’s ESL program. It captures the liberation that learning to communicate in a new country creates, showing how a group of strangers who face a common obstacle can overlook their differences and become a family.

Emebet Belete

Originally from Ethiopia, Emebet has lived in Canada for 23 years, seven of them here in the Bay of Quinte. She is a studio artist and art educator. “I love the natural setting of my living area, as it is quiet. I look out my back window and I’m able to see and enjoy nature.” — Emebet

Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips/ Portrait by: Ash Murrell

Having come to Canada 41 years ago, Mark has lived in the Bay of Quinte region for almost 17 years. He is the owner of Mystical Distributing Company, Canada’s largest fireworks importer and distributor. He ended up here by fluke while aiming for Mississauga. “I love the people here and the easy access to everything.” — Mark

Dr. Negar Chooback

Dr. Negar Chooback/ Portrait by: Ash Murrell

Dr. Chooback is originally from Iran and has lived in Canada for 24 years. She came to the Bay of Quinte region three years ago to work with two of the doctors she trained with in Kingston. “My favourite thing about living here is my patients. Of all the places I have practiced, this is my favourite place to be a doctor.” — Negar

To see more photos and watch the documentary, visit bayofquinte.ca/a-place-to-call-home
Visit immigration.bayofquinte.ca

Kenny Toor

Kenny Toor/ Portrait by: Ash Murrell

A native of India, Kenny has lived in Canada for three and a half years, and came to the Bay of Quinte region almost three years ago. He is the CEO and chairman of Toor Group and owner of Motel 6 in Quinte West. He moved here for both business and pleasure. “If I had to choose one thing I love about the area, it would be the people.” —Kenny