About Us

WhereTradesWork.com opens key entry points to learn how the Bay of Quinte is the premier destination in Canada for learning, working, moving a business, or a family – and enjoying a career in the skilled trades.

All walks of life can use the platform to find their place in the Bay of Quinte by listening to those who where once like them – and find how moving to the Bay of Quinte for learning, working in the industry, and living in the region is the best decision they have ever made.

The platform will integrate a best-of-breed employment tool to attract recent grads, alumni and those working in the industry to the Bay of Quinte to build their careers in the skilled trades.

The platform promises to help grow existing skilled trades businesses by providing a skilled workforce – and attracting new investment attraction who know when they move their business to the Bay of Quinte, they will be doing so knowing there is a skilled workforce waiting for them.